Disease- Non-Surgical treatment.  We use Lasers to clean out the disease.

If you have a cavity and it is small enough, it is pretty easy to reverse. The best treatment is no treatment after all. There are a number of creams and gels on the market that will stop cavities and force the tooth to heal itself. There are tests to see if you have cavities or gum disease.  You can test your saliva to find out if it is doing its job (which is preventing and fixing cavities).
Gum disease is always better to prevent than treat. If you have to treat gum disease then it is usually better to do it non surgically than cut.


remove metal fillings and place white fillings.  We use a Rubber Dam (see what a rubber dam looks like) to make sure that the metal we are removing doesn't get swallowed.    The white fillings(composite) have no Bpa in them and the patient can eat and drink right away.                                                                       

Root Canals- All root canals start the same way. The nerve is infected and the dentist removes the infected nerve. In our office doing a root canal takes one appointment. The question is what will the tooth be filled with?  There are a number of materials such as gutta percha, Resins, Calcium hydroxide, Endocal 10, Biocalex.

Digital Xrays- The magic of Digital Xrays is that you have  90% less radiation  than regular film and the picture is the size of a computer screen so a person can see exactly what the dentist is talking about.

Teeth Whitening- Who wouldn't want whiter teeth.  It is easy and looks great. It usually takes one appointment.

Teeth Straightening- Without Braces it takes Two appointments.  If the choice is for braces it takes a little longer. We use braces that are invisible and can be taken out by the patient.

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